“I don’t always drink alcohol, but when I do, I prefer NorCal Margaritas.”

One year ago I started following a Slow-Carb Diet while reading The Four-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss.  At 5’9″ and 154 lbs., Tim’s concept of “body recomposition” had more appeal to me than the more common “weight loss” model.  My goal was to trade 10 lbs. of bodyfat for 10 lbs. of muscle by simply changing my diet, as the book prescribed.  Bye-bye Dos Equis!

It took a month or two for me to work out the bugs – for example, I would sometimes eat common protein bars for breakfast (I knew better but did it anyway) or would snack on peanuts and sugar-free peanut butter (not helpful at all.)  Eventually I dropped these from my diet and even cut back on the prescribed legumes as I didn’t need the extra “slow-carbs” for energy.  Meat and vegetables were sufficient for me, with a weekly “Cheat Day” or “Cheat Meal.”

By mid-2011 I had lost 2 inches off of my waist, while maintaining my bodyweight.  After an injury I stopped exercising for several months, and my weight dropped to 149 lbs., but quickly rebounded to 152 – 154 lbs. after restarting a weight-training/calisthenic routine.  Happy with the results, I stopped weighing in, and continued to seek ways to refine my new Paleo lifestyle.

So this week, one year after making this significant lifestyle and diet change, and several months after stepping on the scales for the last time, I walked by the electronic scale at the gym and decided to weigh-in, just for curiosity’s sake.  My morning body weight was a surprising 164 lbs., a full 10 pounds HEAVIER than when I started one year ago!  Note that my waist is still two inches smaller and I have even purchased smaller clothing for the winter.  I am ready to call my Paleo Body Recomposition a success, though I am now armed with new knowledge and plan to improve even more.  Without The Four-Hour Body and Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint, I would have never believed it would be this effortless.

Soon I will post a sample of my daily menu, and maybe even a little info. on my experience with NorCal Margaritas!

“Stay Paleo, my friends….”

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